Candle care

How to use and care for your personalised handmade Royal Candles

Very often our customers say, "they're so beautiful, why would anyone burn them?"

Well, we are pleased to explain that our candles can be burned safely and the wider top candles even can be refilled! (This is more difficult with narrow top candles as they have a smaller diameter.)

We advise that you control the burning of your Royal Candle by following these simple instructions:

The first time the candle is lit and every time you light it thereafter, cut the wick to ¼” (5mm approx.)

The wick must be kept trimmed at all times. A longer wick will curl sideways and melt through the side walls of the candle. This is a vital step in preserving your candle.

After a burning time of 20 minutes, blow out the candle and pour out the melted wax. Repeat this step a few times. This process encourages the formation of a narrow well in the centre of the candle which means that the flame will burn directly down the centre preventing the walls of the candle from melting.

Once the depth of the well is 2-3” the candle can then be "refilled" with an ordinary tea-light or a small votive candle. In this way, your candle can be burned repeatedly and will last indefinitely. For those who would like the option, we can drill out the area around the wick to an appropriate size for either a tea-light candle or LED light.

Do not leave your burning candle unattended!

Store your Royal Candles in a cool place in your home as heat can damage them.

Also, do not place your candle in direct sunlight as the UV radiation may cause the vibrant colours of the candle to fade.

And most important of all, enjoy your Royal Candle!