How they’re made

The ancient craft of hand carving decorative candles... lovingly revived by Royal Candles for you to share

Carving candles is a very old craft, dating back to 16th century during the evolution of the elegant Baroque era. This reflects a very detailed style of art characterized by ornamental decorations.

The technique of this craft has not changed much since the 16th century. It still involves hand-pouring the core base of the candle, and once that is cooled the carving master adds up to 40 layers of various waxes that have been coloured with specially formulated dyes.

The magic begins when the master starts carving numerous elegant elements into the surface of the candle which exposes the inner colours and the luminous core.

At Royal Candles we create our candles using food-grade paraffin wax blends, pure cotton wicks and best quality dyes, in keeping with the need to protect your environment – and to maintain top quality. All supplies are sources in the UK.

Hand carved decorative candles are unique, because they radiate light from inside … illuminating every carved ornament and petal.

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